Saturday, September 12, 2009

I Got Pug-Piled!

This is me... being sad - traumatized, really. My Mom brought me to something called a "Pug Meet-up" today. Do you remember I went a couple of months ago, and a grown girl pug barked until I laid down - over and over? Well when we went today I was BIGGER than her, and she tried to bark "Lay Down!" to me, but I just looked at her and smiled. :)

HowEVER there was a big, big pug there named Harley, and he kept tackling (attacking, it looked to me) other pugs and had to be pulled off them. Then he jumped on ME and put me on my back on the floor, snarling and growling!!! I. Was. Terrified! I spent about 10 minutes under my Mom's chair (and on her lap, and on the lap of the man next to her). Finally Mom said I should really go visit the other pugs - so I did. And man, that guy Harley came out of nowhere and this time some other pugs joined in on the attack! When they pulled him off I ran like crazy, and turned around to see a whole bunch of other pugs chasing me and barking! I ran, and they cut me off - I was horrified! Mom finally caught me and held me for a very long time. She said Harley was grouchy because he has horrible allergies - it was probably nothing personal. Well. It felt personal. Maybe when I'm a grown dog I'll do better, but for now... I'm OK not meeting-up with other pugs!


  1. oh my goodness paco!

    that was a rough pack of pugs! poor sweetie!

    emmitt and i are sending you a big hug!

    m & e

  2. Poor Paco!

    I know JUST how you feel! I am an ONLY Pug and I prefer the company of humans too.

    I hope you spend today recovering!


  3. Poor guy...our meet ups are nice and calm usually. But I understand getting bullied at the park this Saturday I got growled at and trampled by a dog named Chicken! I was scared of Chicken. The real sad thing is he is one of those taco bell dogs mom said and maybe weighed 4lbs. He was scary though I swears!


  4. Poor Paco! Our meetups are usually pretty calm. I bet it was pretty scary getting attacked and chased. Hopefully next time it will be much better!

  5. Aww, poor Paco! I'm sure all pug dogs aren't like that. I'm thinking you just met a rowdy bunch. Don't look so sad! *hugs*

  6. This just isn't your week is it? Indy used to get picked on too but when she was abit older she got a little more vocal! Don't worry, I bet next time you and Harley will get along perfectly.

  7. Poor Paco!!! Not all meetups are like that, despite what Salinger thinks =) There are some very nice pugs at meet ups adn we are so very sorry that you had a bad time!!!

    I hope the momma gave you lots of lovin' to recover!!!


  8. Poor Paco! I just want to scoop you up and snuggle you!

    I, like Salinger, prefer human company. Momma says I get grouchy when other pups sniff my nether-regions.

    Maybe you should just stay close to mom next time and stay on-leash... EASE your way back in! That Harley has a butt-kickin' coming!

  9. Emmitt! If only you had been there - I know you wouldn't have let the pug-pile happen!
    S-Dog - I"m feeling a kindred spirit.... :) I knew it!
    Sequoia - a Taco Bell dog with bad manners is scary, too!
    Yoda and Brutus - don't tell anyone, but I might try a different Meetup Group next time!
    dw, last time they were so nice!
    Thanks, Nevis!
    Lex I would LOVE Harley & I to be friends... maybe it'll happen...
    Lilo, you KNOW I got tons of hugs & kisses (and a couple of donut holes...) :)
    Pearl, you are soooo intuitive. I wouldn't let Harley sniff my rear - Mom says THAT makes him want to put me in my place. My PLACE? Oh, well.

    You are the most wonderful friends a pup could have!
    xoxoxo Paco