Sunday, January 3, 2010

WHEW! Now It's 2010 - Now What?

My resolution is to continue to hide stuff like this hat Mom got me in October. She put it on, took my picture, and said "Relax, there's lots of time for me to get a good photo of you - it's your hat for the Holidays!' And I promptly hid it in her studio, and pretended not to understand when she was frantically looking for it 2 weeks ago! ;)

I have learned that holidays are busy times. We made a lot of car trips. When we went into Boston I had to be the 'Navigator'. I was very concerned because there were a LOT of roads we could have taken - how did Dad know which ones were right? I'll get better at this. I know I will.
We went far away to a place called Cambridge and picked Molly up at the Oral Surgeon's. She smelled like stuff I've never smelled. I needed to stay at her place and take care of her. Just two days. I'm very good at this. Snuggling solves so many human woes. And I'm #1 in that department. So. Enjoy the New Year. And hide if you see weird hats come out of bags, remember. xoxoxo


  1. What a good boy taking care of that smelly human. We don't blame you buddy, we are starting to hide our stuff too. You do look awfully cute in that hat..
    Happy Day
    Benny & Lily

  2. I'm glad you had a good holiday! Happy new year! (filled with lots of nakedness! Bol!) Love, Arlo.

  3. HEy PAco.
    I am all about hiding the hats, scarfs and anything else that invloves clothing or fabric. WTG, your my idol!!

    snuggles are so much fun

  4. Oh, I think you look very nice in your hat! Why ever would you want to hide it?

  5. Glad you had a happy but busy holidays, we can say the same here! lol

    I don't have any hats for the pugs but fun jingle collars that they and my husband all hate! lol

    Happy New Year!

  6. Hey Paco! Mom thinks that hat looks totally cute on you, but I can see that it looks like torture. I think our sick moms actually get a laugh out of this stuff! Hmph!
    Happy 2010 to you, sweet boy!!!!


  7. happy ahppy new year paco!
    i cannot wait to follow your adventures this year!
    m & e