Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Has Sprung (And I Helped!)

On our way to the studio today Mom pulled over at a farm stand.  At first she said "Stay, Paco" and tried to walk over to the flowers.  But I cried so LOUDLY that she came back and got me ;).  I got to pick out the flowers, and I liked these that were blue and purple, and white and purple.  They tasted the best.

See the lady holding my leash while Mom took the photo?  She was not as quick as me and I grabbed one of the plants.  MmmmMMmm.

It was fun. She would put it back and sit back so Mom could take my picture, and... QUICK as a wink I'd grab that little plant again.  *sigh*  I can entertain myself, that's for sure.

We got to the studio, and Mom asked if I could PLEASE be good and take a nap.  
Yup.  I could.  And I did.  And LOOK below to see what happens when I am not guarding everything....
Do you SEE it?  I think it's a snake!  But I was asleep while Mom was painting.  
Yeah... till she SCREAMED.

It was slimy, and I swear it was a snake.  Mom said 'worm', but I think I know snakes better than her.  Now maybe she'll stop with the 'take a nap Paco'.....  heh heh heh...


  1. Good Job Paco,
    We cant let them leave us in the car!! The purple ones did look the best, I agree!! And yes, I would say Snake too!! LOL


  2. Crying is key to getting your way...

    Stella, Gunther and Betty

  3. I agree crying and screaming is the best way to get someone to pay attention to you.
    That is what i do all the time.

  4. You are a good pug, Paco! Helping you mom pick out the flowers and keeping her safe (or trying! Hope you are having a great week! Love, Arlo.

  5. Paco, ONCE AGAIN, your help is just not appreciated. Clearly you were trying to prune those flowers!!!

    Did you see my bloggie yesterday? I deal with the same lack of respect in my household. Whatever.

    Let's move away together and do what we want, k?


  6. LOL paco!
    yup... see what happens when the watch puggy sleeps ~ especially on earth day! :)
    m & e

  7. Hey there Paco!

    Nice to meet you! Mom is replying to your email, so I wandered over to check our your bloggie in the meantime. I love to eat things too - why just look when you can taste, right? And where would our humans be without us to keep tabs on them? I mean can you really ever "sleep" BOL!

    Brutus the Frenchie


    Dude...hide in mom's new car and get the hell away from that thing!!!!

    (hahahaha...we Pugs are SOOO dramatic!!!)


  9. Yay flowers!! Indy likes to smell them and Gus likes to walk on them :)

  10. Oh Paco, YOU ARE FAST!!!
    About that thing hanging out of the flower pot.......EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW