Thursday, April 8, 2010

*Burp*.... Done With The Easter Candy!

I've been trying to be sooooo helpful since Easter.  Apparently people don't like dogs to eat the candy the Bunny brings.  Label it, then, dude and dudettes.... otherwise it's fair game....   Anyway here I was crawling on my belly while Mom was trying to photograph her painting. I just thought maybe I could help shove it with my little black nose.....  No, huh?

OK, then here.... I think I can help by jumping on to the chair next to Isabelle and cleaning her cheeks.   She SHOULD like that.  Well, she SHOULD.
But... well, she actually didn't... so...

I told Mom "You take your vitamins... and *umph*!  I can jump RIGHT UP on the table (1st time ;) and I can post for you.  Spell?  Can I spell?  What's that?  Oh, Mom, STOP looking at me like that with your eyes all bugged out. I can get down.  I will.  N.O.W., yes, right now....
xoxox Paco


  1. Paco, you are always getting into mischief, which is my favorite thing about you!

    Just this morning I ate a dryer sheet and spilled my water bowl! Isn't being naughty fun!?!?


  2. We don't understand the big deal about eating candy or walking on tables. Moms so exagerate
    Benny & Lily

  3. I tried cleaning Lily's cheeks. She didn't go for it

  4. Paco -
    You are being so helpful aren't you!! We can see that!!! I'm sure our peeps can appreciate all the fine things we do for them. Like when Mommy and Daddy want to watch a movie. We take the liberty of sprawling out on the couch so they can sit on the comfy floor. Or we pee on their blankets when they need them most. (That ones our personal favorite.) We also like to do this thing called "quality contol"...when food is left unattended...we will eat it!!!!
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  5. HA! Pearlie - how'd that dryer sheet go down???? At least stuff will smell sweet when it comes out the other end!!! So true, Benny & Lily... Yeah, Benny ... what's their problem??? And good ideas, J, I and A! I'm gonna try that 'quality control' thing..... for sure!
    xoxoxo Paco

  6. Hey Paco, yah whats thr deal with not getting on the table?? We have to have something for us to do LOL I did get a few pieces of candy and the munchkins are more than happy to share but dont tell my Mom that, this is our secret


  7. LOL paco!
    what a fun afternoon you had!
    you are a very busy puggy!
    m & e

  8. Haha look at you Paco!!

  9. Hi Paco
    Why is it that its always someone else who makes the rules in the world that we live in.
    Don't do this- don't do that.
    Have you ever thought what it would be like if pugs ruled the world?
    Then we could get on the table any time we wanted. That is just the beginning