Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Helped At The Boston Marathon!

They let me go!  They let me go!  They let me go!  Even though it was probably more to do with my Auntie being in Mexico for the week, and not wanting to leave me for the 12 hours they were gone.... I don't CARE!  This is me at the 8 mile marker - I was pooped because we had to park a mile away from the course (do the math, people ... that meant I had to walk 2 miles TOTAL).  When my Molly ran by she yelled 'hi' to Mom and Dad, but ran over to ME and gave me a big hug!  I think the memory of that cuddle was what helped her get through the other 18 MILES!

And then... I was pooped.  We made our way through gridlock into Boston (and my nice mom suggested we swing by the New Paris bakery in Brookine - heck... we were going right by!)
And then I thought they'd let me come to the finish line with them.  Mom said "Noooooooo-ooo-oo, Paco, it's a madhouse out there!  You're safer in the parking garage."  I thought she could NOT be serious, after all I'd been through to get here. But they did leave me.  IN A PARKING GARAGE.  For hours, literally.  When they came back Mom said it looked like I hadn't moved.  Well, I did, OK?
I just heard you coming and got my mound of babies and arranged them under my head again so you'd THINK I slept the entire time!

Then Dad kept saying he felt bad that I missed the party (Whaaaaa?  I thought they were just standing around at the finish line all those hours!) and he KNEW the ladies at the party would want to see me because they were talking about my blog.  So he drove to the Symphony 8 restaurant, and double parked (Mom... gritting teeth because she doesn't like to double park...) and ran into a building.  I stared hard at that door... and then.... WHA?  WHO?  My MOLLY came running out the door, followed by her beautiful friends (and Mike, her boyfriend, who is beautiful, too, but camera shy, obviously)!  I almost jumped out the window and had to jump around the sidewalk and lick all their legs!!!!
SUCH a fun day.  I'm proud of my Molly!


  1. You are very lucky and your Molly obviously loves YOU very much if she stopped for you during the race!!

  2. Ooh how fun and good job Molly!!

  3. Oh Paco, I feel certain that your Molly could NOT have done it without you! I just know it!

    I am sorry you got left in the car, but it was probably best. You caught up on your sleep so you'd have energy to give leg-kisses to all those pretty girls!

    Tell Molly Girl CONGRATS! She's a rockstar!!


  4. Cheers to Molly! And Paco I bet they all loved seeing you!!! And licking peoples legs is great, huh!


  5. Yeah, you're right, Sandy - I didn't think of that!
    Thanks, Lex!
    I will tell her, Pearl, and she'll be thrilled - and Sequoia & Petunia - you guys KNOW licking ROCKS! Legs, toes, whatever I can reach!
    xoxoxo Paco

  6. Oh Paco -

    Good job cheering on Your Molly!!! And Good Job to your Hooman Molly Girl!!!
    There is no doubt in our minds that you being there definitely gots her throught the rest of the race!!!

    Way to go!!!

    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  7. Congrats to human Molly and you for helping out...Lucky you
    Benny & Lily
    Pee.S sneak up on that Mikie and snap a good one

  8. Hi Paco
    I must agree that it was your puggie kisses and hugs that gave Molly the energy to finish over the line.
    What a trooper she was. She totally ROCKS.
    I am sorry you got locked in the garage, but I bet you got treats later.