Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter, Paco!!!

That's what everyone said!  Whaaaa?  I don't understand!  Mom said the Easter Bunny came to the house last night and left this stuff on the table.  

I don't believe it.  Nope.  I slept right NEAR that table - I didn't hear, smell or see anything!  
Are they kidding me?

So I did what ANY pup would do, right?  I SNIFFED this stuff.

MmmmmmMmmmm.... if I could just INCH a little closer...

NOOOO!  PACO!!!!!  Oh, yes, it's 'cute' till the dog licks the candy.....
Seriously, I don't know how that got on the floor.  Ummmm.... I'm saving it for Rory, because he couldn't come today....

Yep.  I'm BACK on the chair because these dudes are weird!  One of them moves!  I swear!

Really, they're not candy... are they bugs?  Birds?  
Honestly, that yellow dude MOVED!
I must rescue my family from imminent danger...

Gotcha, Pink Fiend!

This pink one had a mouth on him.  NObody talks to me like that!

Oh... heh heh, Harry the cat got in trouble for whacking my Molly in the hand.  She was trying to be nice to him and pet him, and he was letting her and enjoying it ... then he remembered this was TOTALLY out of character for him - and he hit her (mostly sheathed claws) so hard he bruised her!  He does that.  You can't take it personally.  I certainly don't.

Hope you all had a Happy Holiday!!!!


  1. Hey Paco!

    You are one LUCKY PUGGIE! Wow! And those Peeps... soooo cool! We just gots stuffies for Easter. Hope your enjoying the rest of it!

    Your new puggie friends,
    Josie, Izzy, and Anakin

  2. Hey, Josie, Izzy and Anakin - here in Rhode Island "stuffies" are stuffed quahogs (biiiiig clams) - is THAT what you got? MmmmMMmmm! Any kind of food is OK with me.

    I didn't actually get to EAT any candy - they told me I could LOOK at it!

  3. Hey Paco!

    We know all about the human plans...they put all this colorful, yummy, very pug worthy stuff in front of us...then they won't let us have it!!! What's that all about! We still think that that Easter basket was yours to claim!!! Finders keeper! We totally saw that little ducky - peep like object move too...We would have launched full attack mode as well.
    MMMMM...we are hugrey now...clams sound good! No stuffies here are stuffed animal toys! Anakin got a piggie, Izzy gots a ducky, and I got a froggy!
    Josie, Izzy & Anakin

  4. Paco, PHEW! I am so glad to see proof that you did not float away in those floods!

    Your pawrents were totally taunting you with those Easter goodies! I just love your sweet face- my momma would probably give in to your every request! :)


  5. Hey Paco

    That was good of you to keep those weird birds bug things in line. Hope you had a great Easter!

  6. That Easter bunny is won crwazy wabbit
    Benny & Lily

  7. That Easter bunny must have come with a wheel barrel to bring all those goodies

  8. Hey Paco!

    The Easter bunny was sure good to you! I got toys I couldn't hear the Easter bunny come to my house either!

  9. hi paco!
    oh what a wonderful easter celebration you all had!
    m & e

  10. Ooh I love those peeps.. where did your mom get them from?

    Happy Easter!

  11. Paco, it sounds like you were very well behaved, and you get extra points from protecting your family from those "weird" things...! Marshy got up on our desert table and licked one of the ricotta's a good thing we caught her before she got anything else...I know you wouldn't do such a thing though...