Sunday, May 5, 2013

At The Pond....

I hope you all had a nice weekend.  I helped Mom clean her studio on Saturday.  Not that I like to clean.  I mean, I do my best - I pick things up with my tongue.... lint, tacks, pens, paper, string - and .... you guessed it... I get yelled at.  "Don't put TACKS in your mouth, Paco!"  

I ask you.... How am I SUPPOSED to pick things up?  I say, again, I have no thumbs.  Anyway, Mom did calm down. And we got it all done.

But the beginning of the day was best.  We went to the Bagel Shop in Barrington.  Here I am being the best dog ever.... waiting... waiting.... for my bagel.  Or, at least for my HALF a bagel.  The piece I got for all that 'goodness' was about 1/8 of the bagel.  Yes, there was cream cheese.  But - could she have spared it?  Harummmmph.  I fixed her.  Showed her how starving I was.  I ate a huge piece of goose poop.  :) (It was not as good as the bagel....)


  1. Ok Paco,
    Now you should consider becoming friends with Bitsy Sous-Pieds on Facebook. She didn't get to photograph your visit but next time. Bread my dear Paco is better than poop.

  2. Hi Paco
    I love seeing your cute face!