Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spa Dog

Today I had to help my mom.  I think she really can't do anything without me!  What did she do before I came to live here?  Those cats won't help her, that's for sure.

She had to check the hooks on the paintings hanging at a nice skin spa in Hingham, MA.  It was roaring rain today - worst flooding in 100 years in Rhode Island, where we live.  Mom patted me in the car and said "Don't worry.  I'll drive SO carefully!"  And she did.

She brought my bed to the spa so I wouldn't be tempted to jump on the nice soft beds.  How do I KNOW they are soft?  I guessed.  Hear me?  I said I GUESSED.  I sat in the waiting room for her to do her work.  Then I helped her get completely soaked while I insisted I could get in the car myself in the torrential rain.  

It was fun!


  1. Paco
    what a good little puggy you are to help your mama. I know you were a very good escort and of course helped mama to drive the car right?

    I think your guessing abilities are quite accurate, concerning the softness of the beds.
    Did your mama dry all that rain off of you?

  2. Wow what a day you had. I believe you that you guessed about the furniture. It was raining super hard here yesterday it was weird. Hard rains, wind, sun then more rain storm and it just kept repeating like that over and over. We got soaked on our walk.


  3. Tweedles, you're so considerate - yes, I got the big towel-dry right down to my TOES~! And Winston, my friend, now we're friends on Facebook! CEWEL!
    xoxox Paco

  4. Paco, this here is your good pal Howie Pee. Do you get treats and special brekkies for helping your maw all the time like that? I'm just asking because I think it would only be fair and all, especially if there are leftovers for your friends.

  5. Howie, I TRY to pack up my extra treats for you. Really I do. But Harry the cat, sometimes he gets VERY pushy if food is involved! Hey, buddy, I'll keep tryin'....


    I have been seeing your state on the news and I am very worried about you!!! :(

    You haven't floated away have you?!?!

  7. Hangin in there, Pearlie! Seriously, we are very safe. We ARE on a river, but the part of the river that's near the ocean, so it can handle 'runnoff'. We're very lucky - thousands of people here still have no power and lots and lots of 'bad water' in their basements and in the roads! Even the Amtrack couldn't get from NYC to Boston this week!

    Thank you for asking,
    xoxoxo Paco