Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

ROAD TRIP! I just love going places in the car, and today, Father's Day, we were headed to Chinatown to the Common Boston tour of 'food' places. YUM. I loved the Asian 'sandwiches' both the sub roll type and the egg roll type (you knew I would...) And I saw..... CONOR there (how'd HE get there?) And Eric and Abby, who I already knew and loved....

While Dad got to sample something called Dim Sum, Mom and I hung out on the street - Chinatown borders the Leather Districk, with big windows that have nothing in them. They looked like mirrors, and another pug seemed to be following us!!! (Mom picked me up so I could see - she thought it was 'us' inside - HA!)

I'm not that close to my 'real' dad, but I really like my adoptive dad, so I got him a card...
Well, Molly actually 'got' it for him, but it's from me. (Hey, it's the only card he got!)

I was really pooped from going to the Bamboo Garden, the Dum Sim (or whatever they called it...I got a bean paste cookie out of it), the Chinese grocery store, etc. I collapsed in the seat between Molly & Rory on the way home - and to prove how sleepy I was Molly apparently put a chew bone on my head.... MOLLY! But we hope all of you had a nice Father's Day, too!


  1. Sounds like your dad had a great father's day!

  2. That's what I looked like after celebrating Father's Day. I got play in the park with lots of people. It was fun. Don't think mom put a bone on my head though. I probably would have woke up for that = )

  3. hi paco!
    oh what a wonderful day you all had!
    i love all of the photos!

  4. Wow, you really were tired. Hope you got the treat when you woke up. Mom has never taken me to Boston. She doesn't want to lose me.
    Great card you got your dad.


  5. Bully sticks are dog bones that are made from bull penises. All natural, no color or salt or anything and healthier then most dog bones. They stink but the pugs just love them!

  6. Paco - don't know how I've missed your blog so far! You are adorable! Please tell your mom her paintings are great.

  7. Paco, you are so cute. All Howie left his dad for father's day was a little puddle in the dining room. : )