Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm Getting Sleeeeeepy...

This looks like 'beefcake', I know, with the fur blanket and all... but seriously I'm EXHAUSTED from entertaining these folks! It's never enough! I've learned to pee on everything that flutters down to the floor - FAST (including, but not limited to: receipts, socks from the dryer, recipes, the pad for the dining room chair that Dad doesn't like to use, backpacks, paper napkins, bubble wrap and magazines). Oh! And I bravely made it up the stairs! (I found there are these things called 'closets' that are... well, puppy heaven!)
Mom bought me ANOTHER, BIGGER crate yesterday ('hi' to all my new friends at Petsmart in Braintree, MA). But.. um.. Harry likes THIS one better than the last new crate from 2 weeks ago! He won't let me in! But he DID kiss me on the nose this morning, so I'll stay on the fur on the chair for a while... it's another rainy day, and I am NOT going outside, even to 'do my business' (I can hold it for a long time)...


  1. hi paco!
    oh you are so cute! emmitt doesn't like to go out in the rain either!

  2. You are just adorable.. I remember mat training Indy. *shudder* It was a lot of work but an easy step to going outdoors on command.

  3. Boys are sooooo difFURent!

    Keep playin' that Puppy Khard fur as long as woo khan!

    PeeEssWoo: Sitting out in the rain is one of my favourite things!

  4. Love the beefcake pic Paco!!! Play the puppy card for all it's worth. And who knows, maybe Harry will share the crate.

  5. Hi Paco!!! Nice to meet you, cute pug puppy! I can hold my pee for hours but I haven't tried doing it on receipt or mom's recipes... that sounds like fun! let me try it this weekend!

  6. Oh Paco, I am lovin' your style! I have a rule in my house- if it hits the ground, I get to pee on it. No one else seems to enjoy this rule except me?!

    Have a great weekend cutie pie!

  7. Paco is down right adorable in his beefcake pose! Otis also hates the rain even though he loves to play water tag with hose. On the rainy days I call him Chief One Drop!

  8. hi paco, being an adorable pug puppy is exhausting. and keep up the good work of peeing on everything, pretty soon the folks will remember that everything is yours.

  9. I don't like to go out and do my business in the rain either, Paco. It's even worse in the winter with the snow! But we won't worry about that yet.


  10. Hi Paco! This here is Howard Pee Pugpants, and I have an award for you on my blog. You earned it buddy!

  11. Oh, you guys are the BEST!!!! I love all my new buddies! Howard, you ROCK! An award for me???? Thank you so very much!

  12. Have a good catnap!

    Gus and Waldo

  13. BOL Paco! You two are very cute and very sleepy!

  14. Kelley, you're lucky. At my house, when it's raining, hailing, sleeting, snowing, bitter cold, windy, you name it--my two Goldens ALWAYS want to go for walkies.