Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's been hard to blog lately because when my Mom says 'we're' blogging, this is what she means - I sit or lay in her lap and she moves her fingers over this flat black box with an apple on it. I like 'blogging'! I'm getting so big now that when I really relax I start to roll off her lap, and startle myself awake - DONE blogging then!

I am NOT a bad dog.

I was NOT going to jump on Harry the cat.... NO! I wasn't! (Well, he asked for it, making those scratching sounds on the bottom of this lovely couch!)


  1. Paco, you are too cute for words! When I sleep, my curly tail straightens out... just like yours in that first picture!!!

  2. You are adorable Paco! Blogging in our house means pug heads on my keyboard :)

  3. PAco, honey, we know you were just trying to protect the couch from the mean ol' cat. We'll back you up!!

  4. hi paco!
    you are a very good puggy and growing so fast!
    m & e

  5. Kelly, I am looking to get a new Boston Terrier soon. How did you go about finding Paco? I lost Cosmo to old age in Jan. and need to give some love to a new pup.

  6. You're not? I would. Mom laughs because when we blog, I sleep on her right arm and hand, so she can't type.