Saturday, June 6, 2009

Yay! Saturday!

Today Conor took me for a ride - it was great, as it was getting kind of boring watching my mom lay around with ice on her neck. She was feeling a bit better, but still packed ice & painkillers for a ride to Providence for art supplies for her workshop next week. I was so glad Conor took me out to Bristol for a walk! I'd never been there!

But who did we see walking down the street - you won't believe this... my dad! I was so excited I tied him up with my leash and neither one of us could move!

I met these two Yorkies, Molly & Murphy, and they were really nice... till Molly went crazy barking and scared us all - even herself! So... nice, but nuts...

I found this doorway to Leo's Restaurant - but they don't let dogs in, and they tried to tell me I was a dog.... but they set up tables outside (for us!) and my family had lunch there (mom even had my kibble in a bag - mmmMMMMmmm). I found a French Fry on the sidewalk, and now... my mission in life is: eat French Fries whenever possible...
I couldn't think of how to thank Conor enough for bringing me today. After he left we walked all the way to the harbor and now I am totally exhausted....
Life Is Good...


  1. hi paco!
    what a fabulous day and a french fry find to boot!
    it does not get better than that!

  2. Hey Paco, thanks for sharing your adventures with your adoring public...I only hope I can learn to run as well as you do!

  3. Aww.. You're such a cute little guy. Love to watch your adventures. Melissa and Emmitt sendt us over to say hi! I'm Bajas the pug and I live in Norway with my mom and my Devon Rex Cat brother Virus!


  4. Hi Paco! Melissa and Emmitt sent us over to say HI, so we had to check you out!

    You live in such a nice and interesting place and we can't wait to read more of your adventures!

    It's nice to meet a fellow Gentlepug such as yourself! Good luck with your blogging!

    Salinger The Pug

  5. Hi Paco!
    Your are on our blog today. :)
    i know you will meet lots of new friends today.
    m & e

  6. Paco! Aren't you just somethin' adorable?!

    My name's Pearl and I live alllll the way in Oklahoma! Like some of the other people you've met today, I heard about ya from my good pal Emmitt!

    I think we might have something in common. My momma's not an artist or anything, in fact she's quite atrocious in that area.... but I DO spend most of my days figuring out how to get into mischief, just like you! :)

    Come visit me when you can!

  7. Hi Paco, Melissa and Emmitt sent us to meet you. You are really quite cute.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  8. Hey Paco! What a cool day you had with your friend! Melissa and Emmitt sent us to say hi.

    Gus and Waldo

  9. hi paco! i too was sent over by melissa and emmitt. i'm puglette and i live way over on the other coast is washington state. i have two pugs, charlie and ollie and one non pug honey. we have a blog too and love to have adventures. you are very sweet.

  10. Paco you are one VERY cute puggie!

  11. Paco - here's a pic that might be lying, but at least he does seem very friendly. ;)


  12. Hey There Paco!!! Melissa and Emmitt sent us over to say HELLO!!! You are SO cute! Love that puggie face of yours! There is nothing like a Pug that is for sure!! Have a happy day!
    Joan & Skippy

  13. Life sure is good when you get to spend your days that way! I'm thinking you are one lucky dog!

  14. Hi Paco!
    We just read about you over at Melissa and Emmitt's! You are a real cutie!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  15. That sounds like a pretty good mission.