Thursday, June 4, 2009

Slow Days

Yesterday and today my mom was feeling under the weather so we stayed home and didn't go anywhere (bo-ring!). So I took lots of naps and dreamed about last weekend when we piled in the car to go to Cape Cod Art Association to pick up her paintings. For some reason Dad said I couldn't go in, so we hung around outside... and I found these three friends that I sniffed and hung out with. They were very quiet, but I was bigger than 2 of them....And then I remembered how much fun I had at the studio (It's kind of MY studio, don't you think?) This big thing called an easel had enough room for me to nap inside it....
And then when Mom decided she HAD to paint today, I helped set up her portable easel. (I had just gone swimming in my blue pool, but I got out when I heard her open it up - I'M NOT missing out on anything!


  1. I can't tell you enough how darn cute Paco is!!

  2. Thanks, Manon! He's a wonderful little handful, chock full of personality!

  3. Oh Paco. What an excellent studio helper you are! Mom has put a picture of you on Howie's blog so all his buddies can come by and say hello. Howie also wonders how much food you eat each day, and if you should perhaps have any leftovers, if you could mail them to him, since he is starvin.

  4. Paco resembles those other creatures.