Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dog Of The Wild

I know that a lot of people think of pugs as 'city dogs', 'lap dogs' or 'pets', but my mom knows this about me:  I am a true Dog Of The Wild.
Take, for example, the area in my town called 'Seapowet', which is, I think the name the Native Americans gave it.  It's very marshy and still wild, although there are farms nearby this beautiful, if rocky, beach.
If I can, I JERK the leash out of mom's hands... and RUN... like a crazy dog... down the beach -towards - THE END OF THE EARTH!
No, seriously, there's no road, no sidewalk, nuthin'!  Just water, water, water (which, in case you didn't know, ALSO doesn't scare me.  Unless there are fish in it.  I'm pretty sure there are no fish here, because there are a LOT of fishermen here... keeping the coast clear for pugs.).

THEN... in case you doubted for a MINUTE my fearlessness.... we crossed over to the swampy part... a 'wildlife (that's ME) refuge'.  Here I am showing mom there is nothing, nothing to be afraid of at this edge of the marsh, where there's a big drop into the water...
And then, because my mom can read (and, so what that I can't - do you know any dogs that can?) she saw on this little sign that to be in this area you should be wearing 200 square inches of NEON ORANGE....   YIKES!  Even I know that means you could get SHOT here!  

So while I was most DEFINITELY not scared, I found my Blue Baby and spent a while with him.  I'll get my orange jacket and go BACK there someday, too!  You'll see!


  1. Dear Paco
    Your journey was so susupenseful.
    I was scared for you when you were standing by that cliff. Oh my goodness!
    I would be afraid of fishies too- since they have teeth. But I truely think you are a pug after my own heart. I am on the wild side too.
    I do hope you find your orange vest and take your mama back.

  2. Whoa Paco! You are brave! I've never taken on a fish, but I did chase a bird once. You live in such a cool place!!! Love, Arlo.

  3. Tweedles - I'm glad you enjoyed my 'journey' this weekend! YES fishies DO have teeth - and they are not polite! ;)
    ArLO, my MAN, birds are so tough, too! You should come visit...
    xoxoxo Paco

  4. Paco! You are such a free spirit, and that's what I love about you most.

    Momma says I am a little more on the 'fraidy cat side. I am scared of lots of stuff. Just this morning I had a run-in with a plastic Walmart sack that blew into our yard. Things got ugly.

    I want you to stay away from that 'I could be shot here' beach... ok? Other than that, KEEP UP THE EXPLORING! We keep our mommas young, don't we?!


  5. hi paco!
    oh what fun you have! y
    ou always make us smile!

    Happy Happy Spring!
    m & e

  6. I think you write pretty well for a Pug who can't read ;)
    You're just keeping your cards close to your ORANGE vest.