Sunday, March 28, 2010

These Weekends Are Killing Me

I'm like a therapy dog.  Not a real one, because those (dopey) dogs have to walk past THREE bowls of food to get certified.  But if you're lonely, or if you need someone warm and fuzzy to snuggle with, or if you run TWENTY ONE miles and just want someone soft to comfort you - I'm your man.  I mean, I'm your dog.  This weekend my Molly ran for 21 miles.  All at once!  If I find out who was chasing her I'm going to bite them - hard!
I hung out with her and Mike all weekend.  I ate a lot of carrots.  I don't know why.
My mom says the 'stuff' that comes out the back end of me is very, very bright orange.  I say it's none of her business.  Kind of a personal thing to talk about, you know?

When I'm with my family I give it my all.  Mom took this photo of me as we drove OUT of the driveway at Molly's!   I'm going to nap now... I'm exhausted!


  1. You are such a great pug! Yeah you are hard core you give it your all! And if its orange whatevers!


  2. Aww, Paco, you're so cute with your little stuffie resting after a busy day of being a "therapy" dog!

  3. Like, carrots are a lot better than some stuff they coulda given you.
    My Chrissie feeds those Min Pins of hers, neurotic little eating machines that they are, carrots so they won't get fat...oooops not insinuating anyTHING :)
    You are the cutest and the funniest Pug EVER!!

  4. I know you definately give it your all- being there to comfort your family when their tired.
    Forget the challenge of passing up bowls of food. You are theraputic right at home.
    And you looed so precious laying there taking a nappy
    love tweedles

  5. Paco, you must be EXHAUSTED! All that therapy-givin' and veggie eatin'! Anypup would be worn out!

    I can't believe your Molly! If my momma had to run 21 miles, well... I think she'd just call up to Heaven before-hand and reserve a spot. She'd never make it!


  6. Oh we all give it our all for our families, thats just the way it is right?? Looks like your the right guy for snuggles and all, cool!!
    and who cares what color IT is BOL


  7. you are right is is no one's business what colour, our you know what is! Mum freaked when mine was green from broccoli! I say get over it Mum at least it is a healthy food for me!


  8. Walking past food is totally overrated! :)

    Gus and Indy love carrots too. They are very yummy