Monday, March 15, 2010


I am flat-out EXHAUSTED!  It's been a big few days.  Does it ever slow down around here?  Do they ever say "Hey, maybe the Pug needs to have some 'down time'?"  I do not think so.  Below is a photo of the cake my Dad made for my Mom for her birthday.
Do you remember last month when it was MY birthday?  I didn't see a cake... did you?  
I will make up for this by stealing pieces of cake.
My plan is this:  I will eat/tear up something hideous (box of matches, stolen box of pudding mix, etc) and when they're not looking, I'll GET that cake! 

I will spit the nuts out, if that's OK, because I don't like them....


  1. Hey Paco,
    That was terrible for you not to have any cake. Yah I would say go for it. A dogs gotta do what a dog has to do, and like you I would spit out the nuts too, lol My b-day is coming up on April 6th so I am planning on cake.

    Have fun

  2. Paco,
    I don't know why humans think that THEY get all the special treatment. How silly!
    Your plan is wonderful. Create some kind of diversion, and then go in for the STEAL!
    Did you see my bloggie last week? I totally got in trouble for stealing food. It was awesome.
    A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your sweet momma. She deserves that cake, truth be told.


  3. poor guy. you look worn out! Mmm that cake looks sooo good. I hope your mom shares a little bite with you. Happy Birthday to your mom! Love, Arlo.

  4. Tell your Mom happy birfdays and we think your cake stealing plan rocks!

  5. Oh are you adorable!!!
    Sweet dreams
    Benny & Lily

  6. you do looks tired! Don't eat too much cakes.


  7. Well that wasn't very nice of them was it???

    And what kind of cake is that?

  8. Lex, it's a German Chocolate Cake. I know, I KNOW dogs aren't supposed to eat chocolate, but nothing happened when I ate an entire box of (dry) chocolate pudding mix. Seriously. Oh, aside from getting in trouble, that is... Hey, Harry the Cat pushed it off the counter for me! I tried to share it with him, but ... GRRRRRRR.... you know, I just couldn't!
    xoxoxo Paco

  9. I'd kill for a piece of that cake right now, 5 minutes before bed so it could go right to my fat zones :D while I sleep :D