Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures In Southie

When I was visiting my Molly a couple of days ago in South Boston I realized a few things about myself...
First.. I am a beach fiend!  I love, love, LOVE the beach - the stuff you find in the sand - those seagulls - the sparkle of the sun on the water (man, I DO need dog sunglasses, though!).. AND that I'm a people MAGNET.... I mean, I don't even KNOW this guy in the orange sweatshirt!

I am also very popular with small fluffy dogs... (this turned into a pug-pile, I believe you call it!)

AND I can hold my own with tough guys like this!  He was very friendly - so cool, too!  He gave me good advice on being brave and a good protector to my family (that's what he was whispering in my ear!)

This photo really shows my cinnabun tail at it's best! Ciao, guys, I wish it had been YOU all I encountered on my 'vacation'!


  1. Paco, sugar,

    I am so jealous of all the time you get at the beach! I have totally never been to the beach!

    I think I will Fed Ex myself to your house so you can show me around for a little while. Think your momma would mind?? Look for a box on your porch later this week. It will have holes poked in the top and you might hear it snorting.

    It's obvious why you attract all that attention when you are out and about- b/c you are FAMOUS ON YOUTUBE!!!


  2. Pearly - my Momma would TOTALLY not mind! She LOVES pugs, and thinks you are adorable! OK.. I'm at the window, waiting for the FedEx man. Mom says there's a computer coming, too, in about the same size box. Yours will be making sweet pug sounds, though, I won't get confused!
    xoxox Paco

  3. Paco
    Why is it that you seem to have so much fun and attract so much attention?
    I guess it is because of your celebrity status

  4. Paco.
    You attract so many dogs cuz you are way to cute!! Nice problem huh?? lol


  5. Tweedles - my Mom just found the reference photo of the painting she did of you! You are soooo adorable! And very paintable! :)

    Jazzi - wags right back at you! I'll be you have your own pupparazzi!
    xoxox Paco

  6. Omg i have a pug named paco to and he looks just like him