Tuesday, March 2, 2010

TGIW (Thank God It's Wednesday - almost)

All this CLEANING!  My mom kept saying "Paco, just let me sort this out.... Paco, get out of the trash... Paco, don't eat that paper towel, Paco... Paco... Paco..."  I couldn't do anything right!  I thought if I ate everything I found, it would be less for her to do!  I mean, it felt like a party!  The chili pepper lights were on, the music... there were cookies (and donut holes for me - I got her to give me ALL of them by barking and whining while she was talking to the nice lady from the newspaper!)  But it was hard work, man.  I'll tell you... I'm ready for...

A martini!  Well, it was on the floor!  And let me tell you, I sniffed it, and it was YUCKY!  Mom said "Pacooooooo, noooo!  That's my painting prop!"  Hey.  I wasn't going to drink it.  Just sniffin'.


  1. Paco, I swear... if we pugs could talk, our first word would be NO. That's ALL we ever hear our mean mommas say!!!

    Nice work on the donut holes! You are really perfecting your puggie begging skills! I am so proud!!

  2. Thanks, Pearlie. Come over for 'cocktails'. (I mean donut holes, *wink*wink*)
    xoxo Paco

  3. Paco we loves you no matter what you digest!!!

  4. Yah, hear ya Paco,
    no this and no that geezzzz....

    good thing you were just sniffin that martini, those things may be good but not good for you!!

    Now for the donut holes, WTG!!!