Thursday, January 7, 2010


Worst. Dog. Ever. *sniff* That's what my mom said about me tonight. REALLY! We were having such a nice day. I was her co-pilot in the car (she thinks it's funny to say that, "Dog is my co-pilot!" - like it's a joke - only not!). We stopped at a b-i-i-i-i-g beach called Nantasket and I wanted to run around and she wanted me to *go*. Nah. Later, I told her. Eventually she caved and we got back in the car for a minute and went to her friend's house on the beach. Inside.... well it was sooooo beautiful. Every little spot was decorated. There were nice rugs everywhere. Big beautiful (like trampolines) sofas. The whole first floor was open, and I was.... UNLEASHED! Upstairs there were pretty bedrooms with (more rugs) stuffed animals... oh, so many things all on my level - you could tell there were no dogs in this house!

Mom kind of flipped when we got outside by ourselves because
  • I pooped on the white shaggy rug in the upstairs bathroom
  • I found a reindeer stuffed animal (what? it looked JUST LIKE MINE at home!) and tried to chew it up
  • One of the baskets on the floor had greens and candy canes. I have never had the pleasure of a candy cane before. I almost ate the whole thing before mom SWOOPED in and took it from me
  • I found a stuffed Golden Retriever and was zooming through the house with it (just a little slobber, but it felt good to take on a Golden!)
  • I upchucked said candy cane on a beautiful oriental rug
Hey, we were there an hour and a half. It was all I could get to... ;) Sorry sweet lady friend of my mom's! I loved you and your nice house!


  1. Paco,
    Sounds like quite an adventure that you had today!! Hey, if the place isnt dog proofed, then it isnt your fault. But the story is soo funny!! HA! HA! I could see you doing all that stuff and takin on the Golden!!WTG. I am sure that moms friend will forgive you!!

    Tail wags


    Oh Paco! That is quite an impressive list of naughty behaviors! I, for one, am SO PROUD of you! You really had the momma and her friend on their toes, didn't ya?!

    We all know that white rugs are meant to be poo'd upon, and that stuffed animals and candy in the house are fair game!

    Continue looking regretful, even though we both know it was totally awesome. I think your mom will come around soon.


  3. haha oh Paco! Gus is 3 years old and still likes to poo on my mom's family room floor when we go over to visit!

    It's hard when you go over to friend's houses with a puppy or well any kind of dog, the house needs to be baby proof pretty much!

  4. Oh NO! Paco...we hope you're not in "the doghouse" for too long!

    When I pull crap like says she's going to drop me off at the meat packing plant! If you're co-piloting and mom pulls into a place with a name like "Eckrich" or something....make a run for it!

    Good luck dude!


  5. Paco
    I can relate to how you were feeling so very excited in that house.
    I always feel that fluffy white rugs are ment to be peeeed on- any color for that matter- fuffiness does help. Anyway, I agree with you- that you just wanted to be the first- and probably won't be the last to do the same thing.
    I woulda grabbed the golden too and zoomed through the house.
    i hope your not grounded.

  6. BOL!! Paco you are an exciting little pugger with lots of energy. We hope eveyone understands that you were just exploring the great big house and mean't no harm :)

  7. You guys are the BEST! Mom is not really mad at me (anymore). She actually can laugh about it. The jury is still out as to whether she will EVER be invited back, but the lady was really nice about it. So... we'll see. Wouldn't it be fun if ALL of us could visit a place like that together??? PAR-TAY!

  8. Oh, yeah, that was me, not mom, who posted - I got so excited I forgot to *sign* it!
    xoxoxo Paco

  9. I laughed so hard at the picture in my mind, of you zooming through that Martha Stewart house with the 'Golden' in yer mouth, that I almost.... well... nevermind.
    Just keep looking innocent, like usual, while chuckling (or chucking) and looking for more stuff to get into.
    You're just so cute that, I think you can get away with most anything... ;)