Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not Feeling Too Good In My Tummy

I THINK somethings going on. Heard my mom talking to Conor, then to Molly. She's going somewhere - far. Bad enough, right? But then she's teaching a workshop this weekend (I thought I was GOING to it..) and she's made arrangements for me to have a sleepover with Molly in Boston. I LOVE visiting with Molly (and her boyfriend, Mike, who is SO fun), but then after a couple of days home, she's taking me to CONOR's apartment in Boston. For. A. Week.

Don't get me wrong. I loooooove Conor, too. But I suspect he goes to *work*. That seems to be a place puppies can't go. For a long time. **sniff**. Does my mom know how SAD I'm going to be???? Why can't Dad take a vacation and just be with me all the time? Besides - the cats will get used to just being able to walk on the floor without being chased, and will probably sit in MY chair - OwwwwwwwwwwwWWww!


  1. Oh you poor guy!! But i am sure you will get way more treats then your mummy gives you and maybe Conor will let you sleep with him in bed!! :)

  2. Oh Paco... this is very upsetting, indeed.

    I know you are used to being with your momma all day, which I am totally jealous of... but, I want you to know that being left at home while they go to 'work' is awesome too! I sleep as long as I want, and then I poop in inappropriate places! YEAH!! NO SUPERVISION!!!!!!!

    Hope your mom enjoys her trip. I bet she'll miss you a lot!

  3. Yes Paco
    Having some time alone is good- kinda like that movie Home Alone.
    And maybe you just might have a good time with the visiting of your friends,
    Maybe you can all have a party kinda like Emmitt has sometimes. I would come for sure.

  4. Aww poor Paco,
    I am sorry that your mom is leaving, I dont like it when mine has to leave. But I am sure you will do ok at the other places and the thing is when you are away from home, they know you miss it and they will give you extra attention. so Enjoy!!


  5. Poor Paco!! Mommy is leaving you! My mom is leaving in a week too! I don't like when she goes but when she gets back she always is sooooo happy to see me.... then I get to terrorize her for days.....lol!


  6. hi paco!

    oh poor sweetie! we know how much you love your mommy!

    don't worry paco! she will be back home with you soon!
    her workshop sounds wonderful!

    we cannot wait to hear all about it!

  7. Paco keep your head up boy, our parents got to the work place but it means we get to play and sleep all day long!!!! No supervion. It will be fun don't worrys. And when you get to come home after all the trips we are sure your Mom will greet you with many treats :)

  8. **sniff** You guys are the BEST. You're right. More treats, more inappropriate pooping (I can't WAIT now to get started!). I love you guys! Maybe we SHOULD have a party! I will supply 'cookies' made of MEAT that my mom buys and keeps in the fridge. I drool when she takes out the bag! Next time she goes to the market, I'll *will* her to get a couple of extra bags. Chicken AND beef flavors!
    xoxoxo Paco

  9. Poor poor Paco, you are really breaking my heart, just remember your Mommy loves you and she will be back