Friday, January 22, 2010

My Birth Mom And Dad

I don't know if this will show up because I cut and pasted it from Facebook. If people can't see it I'll save it and import it again. I think I look like BOTH of them, don't you? Isn't my Mom pretty? And don't you love how they still hold hands? My Dad is Toby and my Mom is Lilly. They live in Hull, MA, now, though I was born in the next town, Hingham.


  1. They are sooo cute!!! It's all making sense now- how YOU got to be so cute!!!!!

  2. Awww...your parents are adorable!!! We love their names!

    My parents are named Gertie and Rufus! HAHAHAAA!

    We hope that you're out of the doghouse with mom for your lapse in judgement yesterday!!!!


  3. oh what a wonderful photo! how amazing that you have a picture of your mom and dad holding paws.
    we love that!

  4. You guys are great - I LOVE my bio mom & dad - I miss them, too! And, yeah, my Mom can't stay mad at me. I have this little face I make, and she just CRUMBLES!
    xoxo Paco

  5. You do look like them. We see a resembelance in the wrinkles BOL
    Benny & Lily

  6. This is the most unique blog.... The paw-holding parents of Paco brings the blog into a legandary status in my opinion...

  7. Benny & Lily - Yeah, I have my dad's wrinkles I think! Sequoia & Petunia - they are still romantic! Thank you Sandra!
    xoxoxo Paco

  8. Your pug parents are very cute :)
    Gus doesn't look like either of his pug parents so you are very lucky

  9. What an attractive couple, Paco!