Tuesday, January 26, 2010

She's GONE!

All day today, and yesterday, too... lots of busy-ness. Stocking up of cat food, my food, those big suitcases open, and lists, lists, lists. I got a bath, and Mom took a bag and filled it with my assorted babies and bones. Then we got in the car...

My sister, Izzy, and my brother Harry, above, are very, very sad. Dad was supposed to go away, too, but things changed (well, I think he told all the business people he was supposed to meet this week that the cats would be lonely so they changed the meeting) and he will take care of the cats.

I went to the airport and tried to kiss Mom's face right off. She kissed me right back, and I thought I convinced her to stay home, but... nope. I completely covered her black clothes with tan pug fur. You'd think that would make her stay. She went right through those doors, and Dad took me to Conor's for a vacation. I know it'll be fun, but still...


  1. Oh PAco,
    I feel bad for you, I know what it is like to miss your mom. How long will she be gone? I am sure that you will be well taken care of and hopefully it will be kinda fun for you. Usually dog sitters give us that extra attention since we are missing our moms

    Hang in there

  2. Jazzi - she'll be back by Sunday. I AM having fun, but you know... it's not the same. My 'sitter', Conor, has been my buddy since I can remember, and he's always so nice to me. I will be a Beacon Hill Dog this week.

  3. Ohhh, I just HATE when our moms leave us! It just isn't fair!!
    At least she didn't leave a week early like she almost did... right?! ;)
    Did you see my bloggie post yesterday, Paco? I think I have given some really good examples for you in your training to be a very naughty pug. Go study up.


  4. Oh Paco...we hate when they pack their bags and leave! She will be home soon
    Benny & Lily

  5. hi paco!
    oh what a sweet good bye kiss and hug you gave your mom!
    if she is like me, she will be pulling off each pug hair on the plane saying i miss you paco!
    m & e

  6. Aww poor baby, she will be back soon and will bring you lots of presents I'm sure!

  7. Oh Kelley,I love this picture. Little Paco must be so glad you are home again! I hope Harry is feeling better soon.
    many pug hugs from me and the fatties in Texas...