Sunday, January 31, 2010

All Is Right With The World

I spent the week with my friend Conor (I think he's my brother, but he's actually kind of tall...) and he and I FLEW around Boston Common - I Can Take Those Pigeons!!!! Then Molly took me to work (mixed reviews on that, apparently you aren't supposed to run laps around an office or something...). Then back to Conor's, then yesterday my buddy Rory took me to his apartment. I tried to protect Rory and Akilah and barked ferociously whenever I heard a noise. Did I mention that they live in an apartment building? LOTS of noises. Anyway today Rory took me to meet up with MOM again - YAY, she's back! I was so overcome with happiness that I practically fell asleep standing up licking her face. Seriously, dudes & dudettes, taking care of Conor, Molly and Rory was exhausting - I closed my eyes and fell asleep licking my Mom's face.... she folded me into my little bed in the car, and ....zzzzZZZZZzzzzzz....


  1. Ahhh...we are so glad you had fun and are so happy mom is back. Don't see whats wrong with running in an office. Don't humans run at work?
    Benny & Lily

  2. Super long "Awwwwwwwwe" you are a cutie pie Paco.

  3. Aww Paco, I am so glad that your mom is home again. You did goog taking care of the others. Now Mom can give you her undivided attention and maybe a few treats hint hint.

    Happy for you

  4. I'm definitely 'workin' the treats department,Jazzi! :) Sequoia! Benny & Lily... apparently NOT... even in 'cool' places like my Molly works! I thought I'd give it a try - wasn't I supposed to put on a show?????
    xoxoxo Paco

  5. Yay I bet you are so glad to be home and to see your mommy!!

  6. Paco, pumpkin... All that nonsense about you causing a stir while your momma was away is just silly! We all know you were a total angel.

    I am SO glad she is home now, though!! No matter how naughty and feisty we are... we all need our mommas.


  7. There is no place like home! is there.


  8. Paco
    there is nothing better than having mamas to cuddle with and sing to us is there?
    And I wanted to tell you how adorable you are in that blue blanky.
    You look sooo content and adorable

  9. oh paco!
    that is the sweetest picture of you! we are so glad you had so much fun!
    m & e