Thursday, January 21, 2010

Am I A "Bad Dog"?

Really. My Mom said I was today. REALLY LOUD. And we had been having such a NICE day! We walked for a good hour around Warren, (I have a cute photo of me and ... well, I'll post it tomorrow!), then we came in and I found a bag that my munchkin treats came in and I was sniffing it and tossing it while Mom got to work on a painting, and before you know it (I really don't know HOW this happened, as I'd 'gone' a zillion times on our walk) I was peeing on it. And peeing....... So when she started yelling (and man, can she yell...) I ... I..... well, can you SEE my tear? And my sniffle? I just get really excited about snacks. Anybody's snacks, really, but munchkins are little DONUTS!

So. I curled up in my bed and was the Best Dog Ever till it was time to come home. Mom spent a long time cleaning up after my 'accident' because things leak straight to the studio below, and I LOVE Arlene downstairs, she's a weaver. Mom said she most defintely would view me differently if her materials started smelling like urine. I don't know. I certainly wouldn't care....

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