Thursday, January 14, 2010

Look What Washed Up!

A big ball! I'm feeling better today after you guys assured me that my Mom leaving does NOT mean that she doesn't love me. Thanks, buddies. On our walk today (and 19 degrees doesn't feel cold at ALL if there's no wind!) look what we found! We also found a plastic pink flamingo the other day, but Mom wouldn't let me carry it around. So FUN! And then we 'meditated' on the beach, which I guess means 'sleeping sitting up', which I let Mom do, but I watched the seagulls. I'm gonna catch me one of THOSE some day, YEAH! Right now they're too fast for me. But I'm still young. They should FEAR me. If just for fun!


  1. Look at the size of that ball! Gus would be in heaven! :)

    Seagulls suck almost as much as squirrels.. so i'm rooting for you Paco!

  2. I bet that ball smells like fishys. That meditating stuff is weird. They could just lay day and sleep.
    Benny & Lily

  3. WOW it's like a permanent Christmas tree... gifts all the time!!!! I bet it was fun to sniff!

  4. Paco, you are so cute! You look like you could tear that big ball to pieces, those gulls better watch out! Don't worry about your mom leaving...I'm sure that she will miss you more than you will miss her.

  5. Hi Paco
    Did you take the big ball home with you?
    I would be fearful of you- if I was a seagul!

  6. Lol. What a fun day, Paco. You and that ball look made for one another. Too bad about the flamingo, though. That would have looked swell in the yard. xoLiz